Post-2015 National Consultations in Azerbaijan

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Before the Millennium Development Goals cycle ends in 2015, people from every corner of the world suggest priorities to build a collective vision that will be used directly by the United Nations and world leaders to plan a new development agenda beyond 2015.

This is a space for an open dialogue among the government, academia, private sector, development partners, civil society, youth and other stakeholders to discuss what the future they want and share their aspirations.


What kind of world do you want? Join the discussion and make ​​your voice heard. This is your opportunity to influence the post-2015 development agenda.


Antonius Broek

UN Resident Coordinator

UNDP Resident Representative

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Post-2015 National Consultation Process in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan joined the second round of the post-2015 national consultations which are expected to help build a collective vision of the United Nations and world leaders to plan a new development framework beyond 2015.   The national dialogue was launched in early 2013. The UN system in Azerbaijan, for the first time in its history, providedunique venues for hundreds of people to articulate their views and share their aspirations for the world and future they want for themselves. The discussions were built by the UN lead agencies, mostly, on the ongoing activities and/or programme interventions, and played an instrumental role in encouraging stronger inter-agency cooperation.   The national consultation process is aligned with development priorities that are articulated in Azerbaijan: Vision 2020 strategy document which will guide the Government’s policies over the next eight years, with the ambitious goal to double GDP per capita by 2020 and transform Azerbaijan into a high income country, rising into the group of top-ranked countries of high human development. Along with creating synergies with national planning process, the discussions are expected to feed into UNDAF mid-term review ...
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Findings and key messages

This year, the United Nations in Azerbaijan, for the first time in its history, provided unique opportunities for the people of Azerbaijan to share their aspirations for the world they want to live in beyond 2015, the target year for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This report presents a synthesis of the consolidated evidence and findings that have emerged from the four-month national consultations led by several UN agencies and engaging people from all walks of life in Azerbaijan and reflects their suggestions for a shared global vision of “The Future We Want” and sustainable development in Azerbaijan, specifying ten priority areas which will contribute to the new post-MDG vision for the global development. Azerbaijan Final Report on Post-2015 Consultations
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